Thursday, 9 May 2013

Sugar Detox - Coping with cravings

Well, after my cheesecake-chucking experience on Monday, I decided to get serious about my health and cut out sugar. Am not sure yet whether it's going to be a "no sugar, ever" or "ok, maybe a little every so often if I can have it without bingeing"... I think time's going to tell.

But the first step is to get though the detox. I know from past experience that this isn't a fun thing to do - I expected headaches, crankiness and generally to be a moody bitch. Which is why I'm slightly shocked that I am on Day 3 and haven't bitten anyone's head off yet!

I have been craving the sweet white poison though - that little voice in my head was trying to convince me to buy some donuts and icecream, and that I could start again tomorrow. That's the voice which has derailed me more times than I can remember, and thankfully today I chose to ignore it. I needed to go to the store so bought a BBQ chicken, some salad, and some 'no sugar added' yoghurts. I'm going to try and avoid artificial sweeteners, but they're in the fridge as a backup in case I totally crack.

The other thing I bought was a pack of apples. I had one this afternoon and they were amazing - sweet and delicious. As Robert Lustig says about fructose in my favourite book ever - Fat Chance - "when nature gives you the poison (ie. fructose) she also gives you the antidote (ie. fibre)" and it's true. I've never been that much of a fruit person, but I think these ones might be winning me over.

I'm drinking plenty of water, and also decided to just eat as much non-carb food as I want this week while I'm going through sugar withdrawal. I'm going to make it as easy as possible for myself to stay with this, without feeling deprived. So right now I have the most delicious-smelling pork belly cooking for my dinner! Can't wait...

It's one day at a time - keep shining!

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